Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we treat personal information and data when you use the  add-on of the ctrchecktool・GetMyKeywordSEO for spreadsheets.

Personal Information

We do not collect personal data. When you use add-on of the ctrchecktool・GetMyKeywordSEO for spreadsheets, no personal information is requested, so there’s nothing to send to us. When you use ctrchecktool・GetMyKeywordSEO applications integrated with Google Drive no information available from the account(s) you log into is sent to us at any point.

We don’t call Google APIs to obtain personal information. Moreover, when installing ctrchecktool ・GetMyKeywordSEO applications on a personal Google account we are provided with no information regarding who has completed the installation.

This privacy policy contains no section on sharing of personal information, because we have none to share.


Data access

This add-on of the ctrchecktool・GetMyKeywordSEO for spreadsheets reads and writes GoogleSheet’s data at run time.


We do not collect Send

Analytics data

We use Google analytics because it tells us how many users we have and what they use more. You would be advised to refer to the privacy policy of Google to see what they do with the hits they receive from you to their domains.


External links

We do not use external links.

Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the processing of your personal data, please contact us at